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Bamboo Blankets for Sale

With an ideal blend of rayon from bamboo and cotton, Copper Loom Design’s blankets for sale have an unmistakable luxury feel. We offer genuine bamboo blankets, which will be a great addition to any bedroom in your home. Satisfy your inner creature of comfort and feed your stylish sensibilities with our luxe bamboo cotton blankets.

Our bamboo blankets are available in king and queen sizes, and with this kind of material, you can be sure of coziness. It keeps cool when hot and stays warm when it gets cold, thanks to bamboo rayon’s innate properties. With easy to match color options of beige or white, pairing our blankets with the current theme of your bedroom will be a breeze.

Why Choose Bamboo

The most typical choices when it comes to blankets are wool, down, cashmere or fleece. But bamboo should also be among your top considerations. Not only does the material provide extra comfort, with its ability to adjust to temperatures and keep moisture levels at bay, it’s also environmentally friendly. If you adhere to green living in your household, buying a bamboo blanket or a bamboo sheet set will go along with your earth-friendly principles.

The blend of cotton and bamboo in our blanket will ensure that you’re all the more comfortable. The classic, woven pattern will also go with any furniture or beddings you have in your bedroom.

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