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Bed Coverlet Sets for Sale

Copper Loom Design’ Anna bed coverlet set will be a wonderful addition to your bedroom. The understated trellis pattern will heighten a peaceful atmosphere in your room; and, since the outer shell is made of 100% bamboo rayon, you’ll feel comfortable in any weather. It will also smell fresher for a longer period, as well as help keep allergens at bay and draw excess moisture away from your body. These properties are especially important for people who deal with allergies such as hay fever and the like.

With four muted, soothing colors to choose from – Birch, Ivory, Sand, Sky – pairing our coverlet with you existing bedroom décor will not be a problem.

Creating Your Perfect Bed

The perfect bed is one that satisfies your need for style, yet soothes your senses, as well. It is one that keeps you comfy and enables your body to rest easy.

A coverlet makes for a good alternative to a duvet or a comforter for warmer months of the year, and makes for added thermal insulation in colder periods. Traditionally meant as a decorative and protective cover for thicker bed sets, a good coverlet should offer an elegant, classic look, as well as a luxe, clean feel. The duvet/duvet cover combination is a go-to arrangement; one you won’t go wrong with. You probably have a duvet in your home right now, and, if traditional bed styles suit you, you don’t have to look further than our Anna coverlet to add to what you already own.

Come and feast your eyes on our coverlet bedding sets for sale!