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Quilt Duvet Cover Sets for Sale

Copper Loom Design can prove to be the only bedding store you need. Pair our Isabella duvet with our high-quality quilt cover sets for sale. The next time you climb into bed, you can be sure that the classic design and warm tones of our plush sets will encourage rest and relaxation.

Available in two colors, our Beatrice Pick Stitch Quilt with Shams is an antique-looking quilt you’ll want to add in your bedroom. It's made of 100% cotton, so you can rest easy with the soothing feel of natural fibers on your skin. Our quilt is extremely soft to the touch, and will lull you to sleep with the high level of comfort it provides.

Creating a Classic Look

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; as such, it should promote an ambience of ease and likewise reflect your identity. Rather than overwhelm it with design elements, however, it is advisable to work with subtler options. For instance, you can achieve a sense of warmth by using classic, rustic elements in your theme and then add a few modern accents. Or, you may do the reverse, depending on your personal sense of style.

Regardless of your design preference, however, serenity is always top priority when buying beddings – you want something to relax the senses, not heighten them, to prepare your body for sleep.

At Cooper Loom Design, we believe we have the right bedtime companions for you in each sheet, quilt, duvet, and other products we offer. You’ll find all you need in our store. And, if our exquisite quilt cover for sale catches your fancy, let us know. Call us!