Why Use White Sheets?

Plain White Bedsheet

There are mixed reviews about white sheets. While some people think that it is basic and droll, there are those who think the linen to be simple and elegant.

White sheets will never go out of style. We suggest adding subtle hues, such as ivory and taupe, to bring a sense of serenity as well as enhance several styles of décor.

Here are reasons to consider shifting to white sheets:

White sheets make neutrals pop.

Do you want neutrals to look vibrant without it being too overwhelming? Using white bed sheets reveals the neutral palette’s undertones so it looks serene—not dull.

It is easy to decorate with white.

White is always easy to accessorize, as it can work with almost any palette. You can also mix and match unique patterns against white sheets. Your room will gain character without losing its tranquil state.

You can also play with a variety of textures. You can consider, for example, quilted Euro shams and faux fur for visual interest.

The Rules of White Sheets

With the right aftercare, your immaculate sheets will stay pristine. In fact, white sheets are easier to maintain than colored sheets because there are more options available for washing white linen.

The only problem is that stains are extremely noticeable against white. A few tips on keeping these clean for as long as possible include:

Washing them as soon as you spill something on the surface. Do not let it fester for long because the stain may become more difficult to remove.
If you wear makeup every day, remember to remove it thoroughly before going to bed. Not only is this bad for your face, but stains from lipstick, mascara, or eye liners can ruin your sheets, too.
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